If you’re active on one or more of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you must have realized that there is a specific way to write information for social media and that some ways are more successful than others.

A significant percentage of communication globally takes place on social media for many reasons, and businesses have realized that they can use social networks to communicate with a lot of their clients.

Unfortunately, there are several companies that don’t quite get the art of writing social media content. Such companies aren’t reaping much benefit from their posts, and are even ruining their chances of building a good relationship with their audience.

There are several don’ts to follow if you want to succeed in writing effective social media content.

Don’t post too often

A lot of businesses make the blunder of posting content on their social networks very often. Over sharing can cause your audience to get sick and tired of hearing about you every now and then.

Overdoing your posts can result in a considerable loss of fans on the social networks. It is advisable that you update your content regularly, but you should only post information that is important to your followers.

Don’t post too little

Don’t be among those businesses that make the error of not sharing enough information with their fans. Once you decide to join the social network you should be ready to build and nurture a social existence if you really want to be successful.

Be helpful and avoid blatant selling

To succeed in social media platforms, present yourself as an expert and offer your followers valuable content.

This helps create a good relationship and nurtures trust, so that when they are in need of your products, they will first think of you and eventually you will find yourself selling more.

Several companies fail to create an effective social writing strategy because they focus too much on selling their products and services.

Let your social content strategy involve fun content

Companies that generate interesting content to their followers are always succeeding in their social media plans. When writing social content, don’t just think about your company – think about your followers as well.

Ensure that the content you share has some inherent value to your fans. For instance you can share valuable knowledge about your business or factoids of information that your fans can make use of in their lives.

Infuse humour, take off on popular memes or repost funny content often. Liven up their lives and they will remember you more often.

Create a social content plan

Some companies make the huge mistake of jumping into social networks blindly. You must think about these platforms before you join and decide whether they are really relevant to your needs.

To succeed in the social networks your business must formulate a social content plan. You should know what the objectives of your social media campaigns are, understand your target group, as well as what interests them.

Social media has proven to be an effective way to establish a competitive edge in any industry. However, if you need to be truly successful, you must learn the art of effective social content writing.

Effective communication is a strategy that can work very well to distinguish your company from the competitors.

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