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interlocking timber decking tiles gold coast, compression molding for interlocking timber decking tiles gold coast, compression molding for wood plastics composites boards. See More. moisture-proof decking boards for garden, wpc decking for sale in Singapore types of hollow form composite decking,cheap alternatives for patio flooring,composite timber deck supplier in malaysia,.

Chengal Decking - Wood&Wood Singapore Chengal Decking. Thickness: Width: Length: Botanical name: Strength: Color/ Description: Grain: Color Change: 20mm 95mm 600-2600mm. Neobalanocarpus heimii. Hard and strong timber. Heartwood is light yellow-brown with a distinct greenish tinge. Interlocking grains, with a fine texture. Darkening on exposure to dark 

Chengal & Kapur Timber Decking Nam Soon Timber Kapur Timber. Pinkish Brown; Texture moderately and well define; Grain Straight or interlocked; Density of 815 m-3 Air Dry; Aromatic smell; Requires to be 8 out 10 landed properties in Singapore still use Chengal for decking over their patio and proven the most durable choice in Singapore Humid Tropical Climate.

Timber Deck (Ezydeck) – All-Well Trading & Transportation Pte Ltd TIMBER DECKING D-I-Y (EZYDECK). Ezydeck is a Ezydeck Modular Deck Tile is exclusively constructed from Jarrah timber fastened to a patented self-draining base made from UV-stable polypropylene. Australian Each Ezydeck tile has special interlocking edge, that can be clipped on to its neighboring tiles. Coverage

Outdoor Decking - Flooring Hero Wooden decking adds a nice classy & natural look to any setting. It also brings along the following benefit. Chengal wood decking is one of the most common wood decking options in Singapore today. The timber is classified as naturally durable and is texture with medium to large pores. Grain is sometimes interlocked.

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