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The D's of Decking – Waterproofing Flat Roof Decks - Duradek wall system. White Paper - June 2014. The D's of Decking. Waterproofing Flat Roof Decks. Roof deck by Duradek MidAtlantic. Diverters, a critical component to waterproofing by the deck surface and waterproofed to easily deflect water away from .. the product's introduction in the greater Vancouver market, he and his 

Wahoo Decks: Aluminum Decking Deck Drainage Systems ALUMINUM DECK DRAINAGE SYSTEM. DryJoist EZ waterproof aluminum decking system square logo. DryJoistEZ™ waterproof deck drainage system is a patented structural deck drainage option that eliminates the need for a traditional joist and allows you to create a completely waterproof deck structure. ALUMINUM 

Uraflex 360/375 UV - - Durabond Products Limited Durex® Uraflex 360/375 UV is a UV-resistant, traffic bearing protective waterproofing system which is aesthetically pleasing, resistant to dirt pick-up and is easy to clean. Uses: Durex® 360/375 UV is intended for use as a protective waterproofing deck coating system for concrete, exterior grade plywood, and metal surfaces.

84 best Deck Waterproofing images on Pinterest Porch, Outdoor Deck and Roof Top Deck Waterproofing General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) www.grscanadainc.com +1.877.497.3528 Deck Waterproofing Calgary, Red With Water, when combined together with UV radiation and changes in climate and heat range, can easily create your deck to look dull plus weathered by 

SigmaDek SigmaDek Deck Tiles are easily applied over a traditional wood framed substructure. They nest easily into their aluminum trays and rotate together to create an attractively seamless surface with no gaps. Your surface can be further enhanced by adding a "seal-tape" between the tongue and groove joints to create a truly 

How to use a Waterproof Deck Coating, Vancouver B.C. A liquid membrane used in Vancouver should be at least 60 mils thick and use two parts. The base coat is the waterproofing part of the system. The top When done properly a waterproof deck coating will last for many years and it is very easy to apply a new top coat to bring it back to looking like new.

Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems: Waterproof, Durable, and Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems —an all-inclusive line of step-by-step coating products— make selecting the right process for every job even easier. Engineered to achieve superior results, Westcoat delivers numerous protective, textured and decorative options for a variety of applications. Westcoat is for professional 

The Six Ds of Decking: Waterproofing flat roof assemblies Waterproof PVC roof deck and flooring systems are highly durable and easy to maintain with periodic washing to remove surface dirt. In areas of environmental pollution or heavy service use, membranes may require washing with a scrub brush and mild detergent or pressure washing. Regular inspection of 

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